Monday, May 26, 2008

Post ACen Progress

Well, technically I finished this hat before ACen, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. My co-worker Abel commissioned this from me, and the logo is from his favorite Mexican soccer team the Pumas. It is based on the House Color Hat found in Charmed Knits. This was also my first time using the double knit technique. It was fun and interesting to learn, but I'm not certain if I will make another double knit object in the round. My tension when purling is much looser than knitting, and it impacted how the hat looks on the yellow side.

You can kind of see the change in gauge on the yellow side above the logo, which is where I switched from working in double knit to separating the sides of the hat and working them each like a basic stockinette stitch hat. If I write up the pattern for this hat I will be shifting the placement of the image or logo so that it doesn't fall right below one of the decrease points.

I was also able to finish knitting the gloves and socks that Belldandy wears in Ah! My Goddess to go with my costume for ACen. Pictures of these will come an another post.

But now my next project (other than continued progress on the Cozy shawl for my grandma) is designing my first amigurumi. I've decided to make the Fox-squirrel from Nausicaa.

I have the yarn and a couple of test knitters/crocheters lined up. Now all I need to do is get started, which I hope to do either today while watching all of the Indiana Jones movies with my husband (before we see the new one tomorrow) or tomorrow afternoon after my job interview.

And my husband is helping me to brainstorm more ideas for amis. I'm so lucky that he supports my craziness.

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