Saturday, March 29, 2008


The mushrooms are finished and Ryan is thrilled, so that makes me happy too. I really like it that he understands my need to make things, and that he supports me and is always thrilled with what I make him.

I think as soon as I finish everything for my cosplays and things that have already been ordered I'm going to make something for myself. I haven't really tried lace yet, and I found a beautiful pattern through Ravelry that I think will be easy enough for a beginner.

With work being slow as molasses (so far only 10 days of work in 3 weeks) I have all the time in the world to knit and crochet, but no extra money to do so. At least I have enough of a stash to get me by for now, and Ryan's schedule has been enough to help us get by, but it's still not easy.

I keep wanting to put myself out there and start my crafting business full time, but my fear of failure keeps holding me back. I have so many dreams and ideas, but I very rarely do anything about it. Maybe it is just a dream. Maybe I can make it a reality, but sometimes I really doubt that I can do it. Unfortunately the pessimistic side of me tends to do most of the talking lately.

But I should probably get off of the computer and run the errands that Ryan wants me to take care of before he gets home from work. My younger brother is stopping by tomorrow with some things for us, including the Serger sewing machine my grandma no longer uses and is giving me. I had offered to buy it from her, but grandma wouldn't listen.

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