Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank goodness for test knitting

Well I've finished up test knitting my Stargate dishcloth, and I'm really glad that I did before posting the pattern. It is so not a square dishcloth. The way I wrote the pattern originally it came out shorter than expected. I've found a couple of spots where adding a couple of extra rows will help to make the cloth closer to square and to add more definition to the symbol itself.

When I haven't been knitting I've been researching reasonably priced yarns to make striped scarves (a-la Harry Potter) featuring the school colors of local schools. I'm trying to offer the scarves in a variety of yarn types (wool, cotton, acrylic, etc.) to accommodate preferences, temperatures, and allergies. All while keeping the end product affordable. Which is why I will be getting a circular knitting machine (most likely a NSI Innovations) when my husband and I receive our tax refund.

Though, my attention is currently taken with working on my cosplay costumes for ACen 2008 in May. I'm really hoping I get the days off of work, though if it comes down to it I might just beg my manager.

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