Monday, February 25, 2008

New design!

I've wanted to try my hand at designing for awhile, but I've been afraid of trying and failing. I tend to do that. I have a deep seated fear of failure. But enough emoness - on to design goodness!

I have been in love with Stargate SG-1 since 2002, shortly after I met my best friend Amelia. For my graduation party I had a pillow case for people to sign messages for me, and Amelia wrote "Never forget how to Dial Home" and drew the Point of Origin symbol for Earth from Stargate. While you actually need the six symbol address for Earth and a different planet's Point of Origin to dial Earth, it was the thought and the idea that touched me.

For her new apartment gift I knit the Stargate Pillow in my Ravelry projects page for her. And I designed this new dishcloth as an extension of that idea.

I am in the process of test knitting it to make certain that it looks right. Keep an eye out for the finished product and possibly the free instructions.

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