Thursday, April 3, 2008

Basic Crocheted Dice Bag

This is the first free pattern I have to offer. I have made two of these so far - one for my husband (Ryan) and one for our friend JJ. This is so super easy that I'm surprised I haven't found directions for it online. That's okay - means I can write it out and "officially" become a designer.

Basic Crocheted Dice Bag

Materials Needed:
Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook
1 skein of yarn - your choice (you only use about 1/4 of the skein for this project)
Yarn needle

Techniques used:
Chain stitch
Single Crochet
Creating Eyelets

Chain 56
Slip stitch to join into circle. Place stitch marker if desired to mark beginning of round.
Rounds 1-24: Single crochet in back loop of each single crochet.
Round 25: *Chain 3, skip 3 single crochet, 4 single crochet in the next 4 single crochets, repeat from * until the end of the round.
Rounds 26-28: Single crochet in back loop of each single crochet.
Finish off.

Sew bottom edge closed with either whipstitching or a running stitch and weave in ends. Turn bag right side out (sewing is now on the inside).

Either purchase cording or make two braids measuring 18" long.
Weave one cord through the eyelet loops. Tie ends together
Starting on the other side, weave the other cord through the eyelet holes in the opposite direction. Tie ends together.

And you are finished! Just pull on the ends to keep your roleplaying dice or other small trinkets safe. Happy gaming!

Pattern Edit: After getting some feedback about this pattern (especially with crocheting it in the round and then seaming the bottom), another way to start the dice bag would be to chain 28 and to work both sides of the chain to create an oval with a total of 56 chains. This would eliminate the need for seaming.


Angela said...

I found your patter from and used it to make myself a dice bag. I wanted a small bag so I only made it about half the size you indicated. It looked great, thanks for the pattern.

n8 said...

I just finished a dice bag made from this pattern, and it looks great! I modified it a bit: The pattern yields a pretty large bag, so I started with a chain of 14, and worked both sides to eliminate seams. That caused a need to adjust the eyelet part. Instead of ch 3 skip 3 sc next 4, I ch 3 skip 3 sc next 3 (otherwise, I ended up with three eyelets). To keep the bag proportional, I did 14 rounds, not 24, before the eyelets. I also added a stripe of color 3 rows tall 8 rows up. Thanks for a great pattern! :)

BJC said...

Thanks for posting this pattern. I wanted to make my own bag for my dice and this was a great short but easy project. Now my pretty new dice have a nice new home!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the pattern. It worked up great. I made this for my son.

Unknown said...

I'm so confused

Meira Shana said...

I am also confused - how many pairs of dice do people have that require a bag?

The games I have that use dice or a die, those are kept in each individual game.

I thought the pattern was for those dice hanging on the rear view mirror!

Live and die. ;-)]