Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Many Projects, So Little Time

After seeing the new Harry Potter movie and a little bit more hunting for pictures I have perfected the fair isle pattern on the Hermione sweater.  I've also noticed and corrected little details like the number of buttons, the pockets, and the ribbing on both the sleeves and the hem of the sweater.  Of course that means that my sweater will have some imperfections, but I love it so much that it really doesn't matter.  And I can always go back and knit myself another one in the future.

My test knitters have the pattern and several have ordered their yarn already.  I just need to send out the updated pattern so that they don't have to look in several different places to find the changes that have been made.

I also just finished up spinning a pound of fiber on my Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel.  Because of it I am completely and totally obsessed with alpaca!

I have several more projects to finish (and in some cases still start) by the end of the month, and then comes a few more projects for Christmas knitting.  My son is playing in his excersaucer right now, but once he's down for his afternoon nap I'll try to get as much done on projects before we head out for some last minute grocery shopping when my husband gets off of work.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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