Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pattern Designing

I've always enjoyed making up my own designs and creations, regardless of which craft I'm currently working in. I designed a small stained glass window for my younger brother, I've created my own quilt designs (with the help of my husband), and I've made up plenty of crochet and knitting projects along the way.

It's been an interesting challenge to turn those made up creations into patterns because I know how I created each item, but I have to find a way to write the instructions so that someone else can follow them to create the same object. Sometimes I get it right, but other times I've only made the process more complicated.

My current love is for creating amigurumi items. I love the near instant gratification and how cute each one is. The current pattern that I am working on writing the pattern out for is for Navi, the fairy found in several Legend of Zelda video games.

The biggest challenge so far has been the wings, but I have the lower wings figured out, so I'm halfway there! Look for a notice here that the pattern is available in the next week.

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